Crochet is a process of making a fabric from a wool or thread. The crochet consists of pulling the loop through another loop and uses one  needle with a little hook.
In the 60ties and the 70ties, crochet was a very popular craft in Macedonia. Every woman knew how to make crochet fabric and girls learned the technique from little. You can still find houses in Macedonia where handmade crochets can be found as a decoration on tables, on the tv and other places, especially in old people's homes.


According to some theories, crochet originated from traditional handmade works in Arabia, South America or China, but there is no clear evidence that this handmade work was made before it became popular in Europe in the 19th century. It is known that the first printed scheme appeared in the Dutch newspaper in the early 19th century. Many believe that crochet was probably used in early cultures, but instead of aneedle, a bent index finger was used; so that there are no material residues to testify about it. These authors point to the "simplicity" of the technique and claim that it "must" have been used for a long time.Modern practiceThe fashion in crochet changed at the end of the Victorian era, in the 1890s. The crochet lace in the new Edwardian era, reaching a peak between 1910 and 1920, became even finer in texture and more complex in points.
After the Second World War, from the late 40's to the early sixties, the interest in hand-made work, especially in America, revived, with many new and imaginative designs for home-made things in colorful colors, together with editions on previous editions. These schemes were designed for thicker threads and wool than earlier schemes and included varied colors. This handicraft work remained largely homemade by the late 1960s and early 1970s, when the new generation was sheltering and popularizing the "grandmother's squares", a motif that is circling around and includes vibrant colors.Although the crochet has lost its popularity, the early 21st century brought revival of interest in hand-made work and "do-it-yourself" hobbies, as well as great steps in improving the quality and diversity of the end. There are many more books with modern schemes, and many end stores offer crochet classes, along with traditional knitting lessons.


Crochet cloth is started by making a loose loop on the hex, then the second loop is pierced through the first and the repetition of this process is a real chain of the appropriate length. This chain either rotates and runs in rows, or merges with the beginning and works in circles. Circles can also be made by multiplying more new points through one loop. Points are made by pulling one or more loops through each loop on the chain. At the end of each point, only one loop stands at the end.


Crochet hooks are made in various sizes. The size of the iron crochet hooks ranges from 3.5 to 0.75 millimeters in the size of the hook. They are used for fine crochet work. Aluminum hooks go from 2.5 to 19 millimeters in hook size.There are various artistically made crochet hooks, many are handmade made of wood, sometimes decorated with semiprecious stones and beads.