International Labor Day is an international holiday that is celebrated on May 1st and is dedicated to the struggle for preservation and promotion of workers' rights. The International Labor Day is celebrated on May 1st in honor of the victims of the strike that took place from 1 to 4 May 1886 in Chicago. On this strike, organized for the purpose of introducing an 8-hour working day, police used force  and there were also victims. Later, the organizers of the strike were brought to trial, with four of them executed. As a mark of respect for the victims of the Chicago strike, the Second International at its founding Congress in 1889 issued a declaration, calling workers from around the world to demonstrate on May 1 to improve their position. Since then, traditionally, on May 1st each year, demonstrations have been held in many countries around the world in the marking of the International Labor Day. 

International Labor Day is a national holiday in many countries around the world, primarily in the communist and ex-communist countries. In the Republic of Macedonia, the International Labor Day has status of a holiday. Until 2006, it was celebrated for 2 days, on May 1 and 2, and since 2007 it is celebrated only one day. In Macedonia, the main holiday is not marked politically and, instead, it is used as a day for excursions in nature. 
- Workers and non-workers ... How are you spending this day? Do you go somewhere on a day trip in nature, with grills, salads, drinking etc. or maybe on a day-long camping by a river or mountain? Or you just go out for a walk to the park? Every year I go to a one-day trip, but almost always the location is different. 
Happy holiday to all that celebrate.