The week before Prochka is called white or cheese week, when we don't eat meat, but we eat dairy products and pies. The Sunday before Pročka is called Mesopusna or Meat Sunday because on that day begins fasting without meat, meat products and pork fat. Prochka in the family is celebrated with rich lunch that ends with eggping eggs (amkanje). Cooked egg is tied in a thread above the table and turned over the heads of the children. The child that will bite the egg is proclaimed to be the happiest next year and receives a gift.

Prochka also marks the end of winter and the beginning of early spring holidays.
After Prochka, diary products are also forbidden in the following long seven weeks fast which marks the beginning of Easter fasts that last until Easter.
The Monday after Prochka is called Clean Monday and then begin the long Easter fasts. On this day, the house is cleaned, especially the dishes are washed well and put out of the grease. In the past, this was done with flour or ash and with a longer boiling. In Ohrid, in the second half of the last century, this whole week after Prochka was called Clean Week and every day separately: Clean Monday, Clean Tuesday, etc. For three days they didn't eat anything, and on Wednesday they went to the church where they took holy water, and then at home they organized a feast, with lean foods where they invited relatives and friends. This strict three day fast after Prochka is called Trimeri.
On Wednesday, the one who fasted for 3 days and in the house where there was a young bride, came guests. The housewife prepared cooked wheat with bean grains, compote with black plums and other dried fruits (apples, raisins, wild plums), pie from wheat flour decorated with candies. There was also a kneaded pie-zelnik with silverbeat, sprinkled with sesame on top, while chopped nuts were placed on the bottom of the casserole. It was compulsory for this occasion to bring boza as well. Guests who came to visit also brought boza, pie and wheat. On this occasion, were bought seasonal fruits, especially oranges.