Besides eating, Macedonians also love to drink. And that's been a practice since old times. These old folk songs are prove that wine and rakija were people's companions for centuries. They were drinking when they were sad, happy, in love, when love was forbidden or unreturned...and nothing's changed since then.
Macedonian folk songs are part of the rich folklore heritage of our people.
Folk songs originate from the farthest past. Their author is unknown (anonymous), and preserved with oral transmission from knee to knee.
Macedonian folk songs began to be recorded in the middle of the nineteenth century, during the Revival.

1. Dafino vino crveno - Macedonian folk song

2. Vino pijam em rakija - Nikola Badev

3. Pavle mi pie - Macedonian folk song

4. Vo crno vino uteha nema - Pero Hristov

5. Kako sto e taa casa polna so vino - Macedonian folk song
6. Stariot dzumbushlija (dajte mu nemu vino rakija) - Ana Bekuta

7. Ke pijam ke lumpuvam - Goce Arnaudov