Given the high percentage of alcohol in rakia, one should be careful with its consumption, but a small amount of rakia will quickly cure certain health problems. According to folk beliefs, rakia can help in these conditions.

Pain in the stomach - if you have been eating severe foods that cause you pain in the stomach, half small cup of grape rakia will immediately calm the pain.

Toothache - hold a sip of rakia for about ten seconds on the painful tooth and repeat it several times, it will help reduce the toothache.

Sore throat - if you have sore throat that is caused by a bacterial infection, rakia with a few drops of propolis will successfully disinfect the throat.

Back pain - lightly rub a little bit of brandy on the painful and stiff back and the pain and stiffness disappear.

Stiff neck - just like on the back, the stiff neck can also be treated the same way.

Bad circulation - our grandparents after waking up in the morning, took a glass of rakia for better blood circulation in the body during the day.

An urological problem - parsley rakia is a great ally in the fight against bacterial urinary tract infections.

We strongly advice you to see a doctor if your condition isn't improving. Drinking rakia should be taken seriously and we suggest drinking it only if necessary or in small amounts as a cure.