Every child and even adults eat candy cotton. Candy cotton can be found in Bitola's city park, or at some fairs and events when the weather is warm.
Do you remember the last time you ate it? For most of us, this sweet pleasure has remained in the distant past, obscured by the many sweet things that brought the new time.
Children worship it because it looks impressive, like a cloud, and adults because they themselves sometimes want to return to the time when they were children.
Return your childhood and those moments when small and simple things were quite enough for happiness. The cotton candy that now comes in all possible colors may be the most common thing you will eat, but at the same time, it is also the funniest way to enjoy the moment.

When I was a kid, cotton candy was available for only one day a year during a local fair. I remember how I dreamt about that day coming. I still remember the orange small house where the candy man was preparing the pink cotton wool. Those were ones of the most happiest moments in my childhood.

Years passed by until I tried a cotton candy again couple of years ago. I felt I was a little girl again. Now I buy it to my kids and I tell them the story about the little orange house and the candy men that was selling candy wool once a year.
Eating candy cotton is usual on the first day of spring at the church on Krkardash
Cotton candy is usually prepared in special machines for this purpose, and recently you can prepare it in your own home thanks to small appliances where you put sugar and food color and prepare it somehow. I personally wouldn't dare to try preparing it at home. I prefer going back to the place my grandma used to buy me a cotton candy, even if I must wait for a whole year to get it :)