Mulled wine is usually made from red wine combined with spices and it's served hot. This traditional beverage is most commonly consumed in winter.
The warm wine (known to us and as boiled wine) is a great drink to warm up and to cheer up in cold autumn and winter days. The aroma that spices give is characteristic and tempting, so you can hardly resist it and not drink another slug.
It is usually prepared from red wine that is spiced with sticks of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, orange and / or lemon, and for even better taste, sugar and honey are added. Some add and a little black pepper. Warm wine is always served warm.
There are many different recipes and methods for preparing warm wine. Some people first heat the wine, then add the spices. Others first put the sugar and spices into a small amount of water and after they have been trampled together for several minutes, they add the wine.
Below is my way of preparing warm wine and you can customize it according your taste. Measures are for 1 person.

  • 1 cup red wine 200-250 ml (regular wine, you don't need an expensive one)
  • 1/4 orange or 1/2 tangerine
  • a little cinnamon
  • 4 cloves
  • a little grated nutmeg
  • 1 tsp sugar (or more, I don't like it too sweet)
  1. Pour the wine in a pot and put it at low heat.
  2. Add the unpeeled orange or tangerine that was previously stabbed with cloves, add cinnamon and the nutmeg. You can drain a little juice from the remaining orange or tangerine.
  3. When the wine is warmed, add the sugar and stir to melt.
  4. Don't let the wine boil! If white steam appears, lower the temperature and continue to mix.
  5. Wine can be heated for 10 minutes or longer for up to 20-30 minutes at low heat. I don't want to wait and therefore I choose the faster variant.
  6. In the end, drain the wine and it's ready for serving.
  7. Serve hot in glasses or cups previously poured with warm water (glasses are warmed to avoid cracking). Decorate with orange and stick of cinnamon for a stronger aroma or as desired.
Enjoy it with good company :)