Zoviḱ is a village in the Novaci Municipality in Macedonia.
Stone Bridge - a stone arched bridge that bridges the Gradeshka River near the village of Zovik in Mariovo. It is considered one of the most beautiful architectural buildings in the Mariovo area. Due to the fact that this bridge inspired the most famous Macedonian director Milcho Manchevski to make a part of his film "Dust", it is also called the Film Bridge. 
  The bridge was built in Turkish times, but was made of wood, until 1952 when a villager with a loaded car with bundles was passing on the bridge. Then the bridge broke in two, the oxen and he fell into the river, his daughter and son were saved because they got out of the car to fill some water before their father and the car started to pass the bridge. The oxen were slaughtered due to injuries, and the villager suffered minor injuries to his spine from the fall. Then the villagers decided to build another bridge. It was built under the leadership of Master Dzuladin from Labunista, Struga region. Under the bridge on a high rock is painted St. George, which is a kind of remnant of the small church that existed there. This icon at the beginning of the XXI century was restored by Toni Nikolovski, conservator at the NI Institute and Museum Bitola.