This is a zelnik that our grandmothers used to make and it's still present in our cuisine, especially in a lent period. Some love it, some hate it. It might be confusing for you how Macedonians combine sauerkraut in zelnik, but believe me, it's totally normal here and it's been prepared for ages and many people love it.

  •     800 g flour
  •     about 500 ml lukewarm water (as necessary)
  •     1 tsp of salt
  •     pinch of dry yeast
  •     1 tablespoon vinegar
  •     about 250 g softened butter or margarine for coating
  •    1 head sauerkraut  chopped
  •    oil for frying
  •    a little black pepper

  1.     Mix flour, salt, yeast, vinegar in a bowl and start adding water gradually and knead with your hand.
  2.     Transfer the dough on an floured surface and knead a medium soft and non-stick dough, The water is added slowly as long as there is a need, it depends on the flour. Knead the dough for minimum 20 minutes, the longer the kneading, the better the dough.
  3.     The dough is ready when bubbles appear in the intersection (small cavities).
  4.     Divide dough into two parts; let one part be a little bigger, it will be for the bottom crust.
  5.     The two pieces are divided into 6-7 balls.
  6.     Each ball is flattened in the shape of a disc with a size of a plate and is coated with melted fat and the discs are rowed one over the other. No fat is placed on the last disc.
  7.     Put the prepared dough in the refrigerator and repeat the procedure with the second part. Let them rest in the fridge and in the meantime prepare the filling.
  8.     Fry chopped sauerkraut in some oil until whole water evaporates. It will need approximately 15-20 minutes.
  9.     Remove the first dough from the fridge and roll a crust with the size of the tray in which you bake. .
  10.     Put the crust on the oiled tray, let the ends hang out.
  11.     Apply the filling evenly.
  12.     Repeat the procedure with the second bark and place it wrinkled on top.
  13.     Close the edges by spinning in spiral form.
  14.     Sprinkle oil on top and put to bake at 200 C degrees for about half an hour or until it nicely baked.
  15.     Cover with a kitchen towel after baking and let it rest for several minutes, then serve.