Lake Ohrid is widely known for the endemic species of Ohrid trout. The color of the meat of this incomparably delicious fish is either white or pink and has specific dots on the skin.

"In Macedonia as a country, the Ohrid trout can not be branded as trout from Macedonia, but only as a trout from Lake Ohrid, because we share the lake with Albania. Ohrid trout is recognizable in the scientific community, and tourists have the opportunity to see it ready in a restaurant or in the installations of the Hydro-biological institute in Ohrid, "said Zoran Spirkoski, who works in this scientific institution.

In recent years, efforts have been made through an artificial spit at the hatchery of the Hydro-Biological Institute to regain this endemic species of fish in the Ohrid Lake. The catch period for fish from the lake intended for artificial spawning is in progress. From this institution they expect to collect 2.5 million grains of caviar that will be further grown in the local hatchery until September, when they will be released in Ohrid Lake.

ed Ohrid trout
The specialties of the Ohrid trout are most sought after in the restaurants in Ohrid and Struga. Ohrid trout is consumed in different ways. Several specialties of this kind of fish are known, such as Ohrid trout in Pestanski way, Ohrid trout on grill, Shaked trout, Ohrid trout with almonds. From a restaurant in Struga, we explained the way of preparing the Ohrid trout. They say that Ohrid trout is mostly consumed by foreign tourists who visit the region.

"There are various ways of preparing Ohrid trout, such as roast trout and shaken trout. For well-prepared trout, lots of spices are needed, it's well-cleaned and decorated with lemon or orange. It takes 15 minutes to roast the fish. Shaken trout is prepared in such a way that it is completely baked after cleaning. In the meantime, rice and leeks are prepared with all the spices as a base and above them, meat from the fish is placed, "said one of the cooks in the Struga restaurants.

Also known are soups with fish eggs of Ohrid trout or belvica, which are also found on the menus of almost all catering facilities in Struga and Ohrid. Otherwise, the price of Ohrid trout reaches up to 30 euros per kilogram in restaurants.