It is a Christian custom, to celebrate the holiday "Newlywed" or "Mladenci" in the first year of the marriage of the young couple on March 22nd. Today, wedding candles are brought to church in order to be lighten again and burned. And in the evening, the closest ones come to congratulate and celebrate.
Young married couples celebrate this day as a day of youth, love and beauty. On this same day, the Holy Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of the 40 soldiers from Sevastia who martyred for Christ's faith.
Today Mladen, Mladenka ...celebrate their nameday.

Today's day in many parts of Macedonia is connected with the return of migratory birds, and a certain number of customs and beliefs are related to the plants. One part of them is related to the memory of the Holy 40 soldiers from Sevastia, and the others with the spring equinox, the first day of spring and the revival and waking of the nature.

Many of these customs are now forgotten. But the holiday Mladenci is completely dedicated to the young people, to youth and love and with many wishes for a happy marriage and a beautiful future. From a recent date, it is the custom for Mladenci to go to visit the young married couple who was married between the two holidays and to bring them presents. Today young housewives show their arts and knowledge in kitchen.

It is considered that all those who were at the wedding should come to Newlywed, but that's not how it is in practice. Only close family and friends come on that day.

It should be noted that Newlywed always falls during fasting period, so that the feast that is being prepared on that day should be lean for health and progress of the future children of young spouses.

It is believed that "How's the weather today, will be the same the whole spring"..