“Wine turns the wise man into a fool and the fool into a wise man.Carlos Ruiz Zafón 

- The wine has calories as much as the grape juice

- With aging, the red color of the red wines becomes brighter, and the white wines becomes darker

- In quality wine, at least 600 grapes of selected grapes are needed for a bottle of wine

- In France, and among other developed wineries, roses are planted on the edges of the vineyards for smell and for prevention of bacteria and other causes of diseases of the vineyards .

- The phrase "In wine is the truth" was first publicly used by the Roman emperor Marcus Plinyus the Elder, who died during the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano after which Pompeii was destroyed

- The monk Don Perignon, the name of the most delicious champagne wines, is not the man from whom the champagne was created, champagne existed two centuries before him - he never said - "I drink the stars" ... it is a marketing fabrication.

- Which wine is the oldest? In Germany, at the Museum of Speyer, is kept a bottle 1600 years old.

- The country in the most famous wine region of Burgund in France, where the best wine trays are kept, especially in the Clos de Vougeot region, is considered so expensive that workers in the vineyards are required to take the land out of their shoes when they leave the vineyard.

- There are 8 million hectares of wine in the world under wine grapes, with about 10,000 different grape varieties. And although there are about 400 species of oak in the world, only 20 of them are good for making wine barrels. Out of the whole oak tree, only 5% is good for making a quality wine barrel. The average age of French oak barrels in the best regions is around 170 years.

- Wine, and in an open bottle, remains 10 times longer with good quality in the refrigerator, than left at room temperature.

- The wine has so many chemicals and compounds that it is thought to be more complicated than the blood serum.

- By 1970, more white than the red wines were produced in the French Bordeaux region, but today it is different. Red wines are 84% of production. The most expensive wines in Bordeaux are Chateau Petrus that are made from 95% Merlot, and the remaining 5% - are a secret to the producers.

Today, there are 3,614 wine regions in the world that are characterized by different composition, wine styles and wine varieties.