According to the calendar of the Macedonian Orthodox Church, today is celebrated St. Athanasius the Great (Sveti Atanas). Our people celebrate the memory of St. Athanasius the Great on January 31st, also called Tanasovden winter and on May 15th or Tanasovden summer.
Today Tanas, Atanas, Atanasija, Tane, Tanaska, Naste celebrate nameday.

St. Athanasius was born in Alexandria. In his youth he gained a solid education. As a young man, his zeal was noticed by Archbishop Alexander, and when he grow up, he took him as his personal secretary.

When Alexander died, Atanasius was elected on the Alexandrian desk. He was persecuted several times by the heretics and returned to the desk several times. He spent the rest of his life in his church in Alexandria.

He participated in the First Ecumenical Council and although he was young, he was distinguished with the knowledge of the Scriptures and his speaking. His discussions had a major merit for defeating the Aryan heresy and were contained in the conclusions of the Assembly, were the Aryans were condemned. By doing so, he dragged on him the wrath of the Aryans who often defamed him to the king. But with his reputation and the Christian way of life, Saint Atanasij always managed to defend himself from these slanders.

Only a year after the meeting of the Nicaea, he was appointed Archbishop of Alexandria, and he remained on the Archbishop's chair for 46 years.

He died in 373 year.

Many churches in Macedonia are built and dedicated to this saint.

Church St.Atanas near Bitola