The pottery in Macedonia dates back to the Paleolithic period (Old Stone Age) and has an important role in everyday life. Besides the practical application, the ceramics had also received important aesthetic artistic content that culminated in the time of the ancient period. The production of traditional ceramic products is a hallmark of Macedonia to this day.
Pottery is a craft from the centuries-old Macedonian tradition. The roots of pottery in Macedonia date back from prehistory, so they can be seen today through the ancient, Byzantine and Ottoman times. This is testified by the ceramics found in archaeological sites which presents the artistic expression of some time period.
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This traditional craft that has managed to survive for centuries is cherished even today. In the past, poor families were engaged in pottery. Potter was also Koco Racin, one of the greatest Macedonian poets.

Potters produce top-notch works and each product is unique and has unique value. Pottery dishes are made of clay, most often on a potter wheel which is motioned with a leg and decorated in a primitive way, color, graphite and application of relief motifs. The prepared products are dried and sealed in special furnaces. With their varied forms and rich decoration, they reflect true art and rich imagination.

Today, pottery products are still demanded on the market, so that maintains the tradition, but also the craft. Apart from the needs of the household, they serve as an ornament in the homes of the lovers of the tradition, telling about history and bringing the spirit of Macedonian art.
The ancient tradition of producing vases, and various other clay vessels, keeps the memories of the past. The pottery craft survived for centuries.

Pottery products were the only utensils in the household until the period of industrialization whose household products replaced the pottery. But pottery products are the hallmark of the Macedonian old civilization, which pulses even today thanks to the perseverance of the rare potter's masters. From their golden hands, supported by the magical potter wheel, numerous exhibits are produced in which are embedded Macedonian national characteristics, reflecting the entire specificity of the Macedonian culture and tradition.

Pottery can be made unglazed or glazed.
If you're using unglazed pottery, before first use you need to soak it in water for 24 hours. Then, let it dry completely. Afterwards, you need to brush a little oil in the inside, and put in an oven for 15 - 20 minutes at low temperature. Repeat one more time after it's cooled.