This is my 4th or 5th recipe on how to use stale bread. I don't have problem with wholewheat bread, it lasts longer, but this white one can be a problem if it's not consumed the same day, then, it's no good the next day or later.
So, this is a bread I bought 2 days ago, it's a 500 g bread. Since I have a big toaster, I thought why not make a huge toast instead of cutting it to pieces and make 10 smaller ones. The bread was round and it fitted perfect in my toaster. If bread is long and doesn't fit in your toaster, just cut off the edges.

  • 1 stale bread
  • cheese
  • ham
  • ketchup
  • butter
  1. Turn on the toaster. Put slices of ham to roast for a while. They will taste better if roasted.
  2. Cut bread in half (horizontally of course) and align cheese, add some ketchup and add roasted ham.
  3. Put to bake in toaster and brush bread with butter. Mine was hard, so I added pieces of butter.
  4. Remove when it gets nice roasted color and when cheese starts to melt.
  5. Cut in pieces like you cut pizza. 
My family was thrilled with this one! Combine with fresh tomatoes.