Soft inside and beautifully roasted outside, chicken legs prepared this way will amaze you!
This is my way of roasting chicken legs and works all the time.  This time I had 1,5 kg (33 lbs) of frozen chicken legs. First I defrosted them the previous day. If yours are fresh - even better. Then, I took a larger plastic bag and put the chicken legs in the bag. If chicken legs are wet, wipe them with paper towel to absorb the excess wet before putting them in the bag. I added 1 large tablespoon of Vegeta, 1/2 teaspoon of black pepper and 1/2 teaspoon of oregano and shook the bag well to spread the spices evenly. Then, I added oil about 100 ml (3,3 oz) and again shook the bag well.
Thus prepared chicken legs were left for several hours in the fridge.
Then I put them in a baking pan and I added half a glass of water and put them to bake at 250 C degrees (480 F), covered with aluminium foil. I removed the foil after 40 minutes and left them to bake with fan turned on at the same temperature for 20 more minutes. Then I turned them on the other side to bake for 20 more minutes (or less).
That was it. The best chicken legs I've eaten in my life.

Just to note that this procedure can be applied to chicken wings too, except the baking time would be shorter