Today, December 22nd, the Church celebrates the holy Joachim and Anna, the parents of Mary, who is honored, as chosen from the whole human race, to give birth to God himself. More precisely, the Church remembers with joy the conception of the one that will later be celebrated by all the generations as the Mother of God. 

Today is a feast of miracles for all women, especially for those who have young children or who want to have children. Today, according to customs, women should not do anything, and women who have a problem with conception should go to a monastery to pray. Some stay there for three days.

It was a customary in the past for mothers with female children to walk around the house and throw ash and millet to keep the house from evil spirits.
Women also weren't working throughout the day, and some even stayed awake all night until they heard the first rooster. However, this c
ustom today is forgotten and even unnecessary.