Some call it malidzano and some call it green ajvar. This is a Macedonian spread made from green peppers, eggplant, oil, salt and mustard (optional). And it's green and tasty as our beautiful red ajvar.


  • 20 pieces of eggplants about 4 kg
  • 4 kg of green peppers
  • 1 liter oil 
  • 150 ml of wine vinegar
  •  200 g of sugar 
  • 150 g of mustard
  •  salt to taste 


1. Bake the eggplants and peppers.
2. Peel and clean from seeds the peppers. Peel the eggplants.
3. All together, gring on a meat grinding machine
4. Heat the oil in a larger pan and then add ground peppers and eggplants
5. Fry about 90 minutes with occasional stirring.
6. At the end add vinegar, sugar, mustard and salt.
7. Transfer hot malidzano in warm clean jars and close well the lids.