Alexander Turundzev was a Macedonian revolutionary in the period when Macedonia was under Ottoman rule. He was born on 30th of August in 1872 in the village of Ekshi Su, Lerin, Aegian Macedonia.
 In the ranks of TMORO he got involved very young, first as a member and then as a duke. During the Ilinden uprising, he and his company took an active part in the fights in Lerin. After the uprising he took part in the renewal of the revolutionary network in his region and entered the new headquarters of the Lerin higher management. By the end of 1904, in the village of Aytos, Lerin, he was handed over by the spy Mitre Ginkov. He was captured and taken to the Bitola investigative prison. There he was subjected to great torture and held for a year. The Turkish court in Bitola sentenced him to death, and the sentence was executed with public hanging in Bitola's At Pazar on August 29, 1905.