Today is St. Archangel Gavril (Gabriel), among people this holiday is also known as the summer Archangel.
Those who respect this day are released from almost all work. St. Archangel Gabriel is celebrated immediately after the feast of the Annunciation and he was a messenger of the conception of the Savior. And today the church remembers and celebrates all of its appeals to the human race from the beginning of time to this day.

Otherwise, this holiday is probably established for the first time in the ninth century at Mount Athos. Names that celebrate this day are Gabriel, Gabriela and others. Archangel Gabriel, together with Archangel Michael, has the act of the seraphs, and the seraphs have the highest angelic act, which is why they were closest to God. It is therefore believed that on the day of St. Archangel Gabriel, one should rest and that should not work for himself or for money, but also that this is the best time for starting any voluntary work. St. Archangel is dedicated to the good and giving, so people should remember their loved ones as well as those who have less from them.