TODAY IS VRTOLOM (Apostles Bartholomew and Barnabas)

In the life of our people, Bartholomew's holiday is especially important, among the people known as Vertolum. It is believed in the people that this day is connected with the turning of the sun. It was believed that on this day, the sun turns to winter.

Saint Apostle Bartholomew is one of the twelve Apostles of Christ's Apostles. Because of the preaching of Christ's faith, he was crucified with his head down, but he was saved because at that time there was a great earthquake in which those who tortured him were killed, also the judges together with many people died and he remained unharmed. This was considered God's punishment for those who defamed and judged him.

 Then the Gospel was preached in India, where he translated the Gospel of Matthew into the local language.
Then he returned to Armenia where, from envy for curing the king's daughter of madness, he was crucified, his skin was cut off and his head was cut off too.

Barnabas (Joseph) of Cyprus is one of the seventy apostles. His name was Joseph, and Barnabas was called because this meant the Son of Consolation, and he left the impression in the surrounding area as a consolation person.
He preached and taught the Christian faith and the Gospel along with the apostles Marco and Paul in Antioch, Rome, and Milan. He was tortured in Cyprus by the Jews and was buried by Marko along with the Gospel of Matthew, which he wrote during his life.

 In Ohrid, Saint Bartholomew was known as Vrtolom, and from that day the sun turned to winter. The twelve apostles turned it to winter and they too greatly regretted why they were turning it to the winter. In Radovish this day was considered a difficult holiday because from that day the sun turns to "winter".