Jabuchar is a tomato variety that abounds with its size and specific pink color. It is mostly found in the surroundings of Bitola, Skopje and in the Strumica region. It is characterized by a pink color and a flavor of a real tomato. Likewise, fewer producers have begun to breed the famous jabuchar in greenhouses, collecting seeds by themselves, but even though it is produced in protected catch, its durability is limited to only a few days.
Heart shaped tomato from our garden
In 2013, a jabuchar of one kilogram was raised in Ohrid. The tomato was not sprayed with pesticides or other protective agents, it was only fed and sprayed with pests of tea from boiled nettles, and the irrigation was made with the system drop by drop with spring or dried water, which does not contain chlorine at all. The tan for this giant and yummy tomato consists of timely spraying with nettle and timely watering.
The jabuchar, which is pure and environmentally clean and smells like a real tomato, has been lost in recent years. It succeeds in surviving in densely populated areas, but also in urban areas. It sprouts from 7-15 days from the day of sowing. It needs a lot of humidity and heat in the first 10 days. If the seedlings are very close together, then they should be planted elsewhere at a greater distance. When the herbs are about 5 centimeters in size, they can be freely irrigated through the leaves. Tomatoes should be irrigated with lukewarm water of 18-28 ° C, because if they are irrigated with cold water, the herbs may get shocked and can perish or have consequences in further vegetation.