Everyone will agree that culinary is something special, such as art. So, to prepare delicious food, you need not only talent, but also school. In addition to this, as well as every art, culinary has its secrets that are passed from mouth to mouth.
We have prepared for you a few tricks that will make your cooking easier.

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  1. You like chili peppers, but are you afraid of its chilliness? You only need to clean the pepper from the seeds, remove the bulkheads from it and wash the pepper in cold water. Taste will be kept and the chilliness will disappear.
  2. To prepare potatoes with crunchy crust without frying in oil, sprinkle the potatoes with flour, mix and bake them in the oven.
  3. You are not sure if the vegetables should be placed in cold or hot water? The answer is simple: vegetables growing under the ground are placed in cold water and the ones that grow above the ground - in hot water.
  4. Use the water where you boiled peeled potatoes to prepare soups and stews because they contain vitamins and nutrients.
  5. It is very easy to cut the onion on small cubes. First cut the onion in half, then peel it, make a few horizontal cuts, then couple upright and finally cut it over. You will get cubes whose size depends on the number of cuts you've made.
  6. The chopped onion will soften and evenly fry if you fry it with a small amount of sugar. This is also applicable on carrots.
  7. Always add the dressing in the salad after you added salt to the salad - fat in the dressing does not allow the salt to dissolve and there is a risk of over-salting the salad.
  8. One of the main tricks that will prevent pasta from sticking is that it needs to be cooked in as much water as possible. At 100 g of pasta, you need 1 liter of water. This will give you an ideal result.
  9. To make the mashed potatoes airѕ, add a pinch of sodium bicarbonate together with the milk and mash the potatoes for 2-3 minutes with a fork.
  10. There are several ways you can use to get much more juice from citrus. You can keep them in hot water for some time, or warm them for 15-20 seconds in a microwave oven or roll them on the table by pushing them with your palms.
  11. To make the rice delicious and tasty, try to prepare it in a frying pan. Before adding water, fry it on a little oil. To add the pleasant taste of garlic to the rice, place whole bulb of garlic in the water and after rice is done, remove it.
  12. Everyone knows that the working surface on which we knead dough should be flourished. If you knead sweet dough, instead of flour, put some cocoa powder: it will not affect the taste of cakes, but it will leave a mild aroma.
  13. Each house has its own secrets for preparing an ideal steak, but everyone has one common rule: the pan must be so hot that smoke is coming from it.
  14. When cooking fish, the oil will not spray all over the stove if a small amount of salt and flour are added to the oil.
  15. To prepare a good dough, stick to a simple rule: leave butter or margarine and eggs overnight at room temperature.