February 14th - the day of wine or love.
In the past, we had no dilemma that on this date the Orthodox world celebrates St. Trifun. But as we accepted many things from the Western world, St. Valentine came to get his place here on this date. In the Catholic religious calendar, St. Valentine is celebrated as a day of love. And sometimes the dilemma of Saint Valentine or Saint Trifun turns into a battle between the commercial and the traditional. While one enjoys friendship with friends with a glass of red wine, others enjoy the romance and feelings.

Аccording to the new calendar, Macedonian Orthodox Church celebrate the Holy Martyr Trifun on 14th of February. On the same day, Catholics believers, celebrate Valentine's Day, which is also celebrated by many other people in different countries around the world. Saint Trifun is considered a protector of plants and crops, and therefore winemakers celebrate him as their patron and on his day go to the vineyards, close the vines and pour them with wine in order to restore the vigor of the vineyard after the long winter cold and to vigorously progress in the following spring.

According to the principles of the consumer society, using the St. Trifun feast, the wineries and other alcohol manufacturers use their chance to increase the sales of their products.  Thus begun various manifestations with festival character related to wine and poetry, wine and art in general, wine and music etc.

The celebration of Valentine's Day, is probably dating back to the time of the ancient Romans and is associated with the celebration of the day of their god Lupercius. One of the customs of the youngsters then was the writing of names. Namely, on the eve of Lupercius' day, the names of the Roman girls were written on paper and were left in a bowl and each boy had to draw a single sheet. The girl who was pulled out by the boy became his "dear" for that year. Later that day was called Valentine's, after the Roman priest Valentin. Until 1969, the day of St. Valentine was celebrated on February 14 as a memorial. Then, the Day is deleted from the Catholic calendar, i.e. became optional, because of the intention of reducing the number of memories of saints for which there is not enough accurate data. It is customary on Valentine's Day to exchange greetings and gifts. On that day, some of the loved ones give flowers, chocolates or go out for a dinner, and some go on a romantic journey. Others, in the heart-shaped roses, perfumes and chocolate, see an unnecessary expression of sentimentality.

Regardless of whether you celebrate St. Valentine or Saint Trifun, it is important to express love for loved ones on a daily basis, preferably with a glass of red wine.