Chokanche is a traditional glass cup used only for drinking rakia. Usually the cup size is 30 ml, but nowadays you can find and bigger sizes. Drinking rakia from chokance is an unique experience and everybody who comes to Macedonia, has to try it. There's something in the shape of the cup that makes you feel cool. It reminds of the woman body shape. Chokanche goes excellent with any type of salad.

There are certain rules when one drinks rakia from chokance. It is strongly forbidden to pour more rakia in an unfinished cup of chokance. Until the chocanche is emptied, it musn't be refilled.
I suggest sharing the chokance experience with a close person or someone you like. If you want a richer chokance experience, then I suggest listening to the band from Bitola who's name is Chokance while drinking the rakia.