How to make warm rakija (brandy) in the cold winter days? The warm brandy according to my experience is a great remedy when you feel you are catching a cold and when your throat begins to scratch. It also works favorably if your nose is clogged, making you feel great relief from the intense smell of rakija. For this purpose, I keep a special bottle of shlivka (plum brandy) that is the best for drinking when heated. This is how I prepare the warm rakija:

  • 1 flat tsp brown sugar
  • a little water (20 ml)
  • 1 piece of cloves
  • 1 cup rakija (50 ml)
  1. Place the sugar in a coffee pot to melt and caramelize and add water to cover the bottom of the pot about 5 mm. 
  2. When the sugar is dissolved and the water boils, add the clove, add the brandy and at the first boiling point, remove the pot from the cooking zone. 
  3. Pour in a fireproof glass cup, wait a bit and drink it while hot (be careful not to burn).