Wedding customs are part of the tradition of every nation. They make every wedding different and special. Special customs are practiced in the days before the wedding and on the very wedding day, which according to popular beliefs, have the goal to protect young people, to bring happiness and love and to unite in one family.

There are various ways of performing these customs and different beliefs and practices are inherited from different ends of the country.
Macedonian wedding customs

In Macedonia, almost every town has at least one different custom done before or during the wedding. Often the bride and the groom do not know what must and where/how to do these customs. But what unites them all is the belief in luck and tradition.

Here are the single most performed Macedonian wedding customs practiced in different parts of Macedonia:

- Kneading bread for fortune of the young a day before the wedding. It should be kneaded by a non married girl from the female side.

- Decorating the homes of young people on Thursday before the wedding by placing a wreath at the outer door that will stand the whole year, as a sign that that family had a wedding.

- When they come to ask for the bride, two girls are standing at the entrance and adorn them with flowers,  men on the left side, women on the right, and they leave money.

- Matchmakers and the best man go first to the home of the groom, play dances, sing songs and then go after the bride.

-  Male family members are standing at the door of the bride and don't let the groom to enter, until he pays or until he is very persistent in pushing the door.

- When he enters, he must kiss the bride three times.

- In some parts before entering the groom, the bride sees the groom through the wedding ring from the window or door and says three times: "Through ring I see you, in your heart I enter!"

- Once the groom, best man, brother in law and matchmakers enter, an unmarried girl from the bride side should bind to a tie on one hand of the brother in law. When finished tying, one of the two should be faster, the girl can slap the brother in law or he can kiss her.

- The brother in law carries bridal shoes that are one size bigger, he fills shoes with money until they fit well on bride's feet.

- The bride should give wedding gifts to the godfathers, matchmakers, mother in law, brother in law or sister in law.

- The groom should drink a glass of red wine in the house of the bride, and there should be a golden coin on the bottom of the glass which groom keeps as a symbol of prosperity.

- Bread is broken over the heads of the young for happiness.

- All sit at the table to toast and the bride is welcomed with dances and songs while her father is carrying her out.

- For easy and good marriage, the bride has to dump a glass bowl with water.

- When going to church, the godfather brings lane which binds the young's hands and how many times he binds their hands - that many children they will have.

- When leaving the church, mother in law throws rice, candies and coins in the way and small children collect them as a symbol of wealth and prosperity.

- After marriage becomes official in the Wedding department, everyone congratulates the newlyweds.

- The newlyweds welcome all guests in the restaurant and play the first wedding waltz on their favorite song.

- They toast with champagne together with the godfathers and the matchmakers.

- Then, folk dances start and last until serving dinner.

- The wedding cake is cut after dinner and piece of cake is shared to all guests.

- Finally, bride throws her wedding bouquet, one that will catch it is believed to be the next bride.