This summer, Prilep got another attraction that draws hundreds of visitors from the city and surrounding areas. A small lake with turquoise color, located in an abandoned marble mine above the village Belovodica is a real attractive destination for cooling a number of people, especially young. Because of the landscape around the lake, along with the massive marble blocks which truly is a unique sight, this lake receives the name Prilep Pamukkale lake or Marble lake.

According to the visitors found here, the lake was created about 3 years ago when appeared groundwater in the mine whose flooding couldn't be stopped, which was a reason for leaving the mine. The lake is about 100 meters wide and deep around 40 meters.
Lake can be reached on the regional road Prilep-Skopje, on the mountain pass Pletvar, when going to the village Belovodica. The road isn't paved and it's about 6 km long, so if you decide to come here, we recommend using a terrain vehicle.

Lake seems to get larger attraction and more visitors every day. Therefore, it may be necessary to introduce some order and control by the authorities, in order to avoid unwanted consequences, because there is no life guard by the lake. The lake is located approximately 20 km away from Prilep.

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