There is no Macedonian who has not heard of the mine Alshar on the mountain Kozuf near the Macedonian - Greek border close to the village of Maidan. This mine is known worldwide because it is the only habitat of thallium in the world and a potential "goldmine" of environmentally clean energy.

Alshar is a mine on the mountain Kozuf where was first discovered thallium mineral lorandite. Today's name of mine is the acronym of the first letters of the names of people who were guiding the mine in the first half of the 20th century: Alattin, French banking family and Sharto, a mining engineer.

In 1986, the Yugoslav government started the project "Lorex" which involved a dozen scientific institutions from Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia. After the breakup of Yugoslavia, all activities around the mine stopped.

Alshar is the only habitat of thallium in the world. Thallium is a gray solid metal and it's toxic. It's used in the electronic industry and for making glass. It is also used in rat poisons and insecticides. Lorandite or arsenic thallium sulphate (TlAsS2) is a mineral and was first found in Alshar. It's got its name in a honor of the Hungarian scientist Loránd. Lorandite is a rare mineral that is considered that it could bring people to free energy.

It is thought that it can be only found in Macedonia and perhaps in Sri Lanka. In 1978 was held a secret meeting of the government of Yugoslavia where it was discussed whether the mine Alshar should be left to NASA to conduct research that allegedly would use Lorandite for cosmos researches.

The lorandite serves to detect, to locate the neutrino, which has a direct lineage from the Sun and can be find only here on the entire planet. Thallium in Alshar and hence the neutrino, according to its quantity, is a global, planetary rarity. If you manage to separate neutrino from thallium, our planetary science will understand the processes by which energy is generated in the sun.

Alshar mine is located three hundred meters away from the small village of Maidan, in the Municipality of Konopiste. In its interior is entered through eight wide open pits in the ground.

There, for more than five thousand years is digged gold, thallium, crystals of lorandite, antimony which serves for alloying of heavy weapons and other minerals that are found only in this mine. Two of the eight open pits are long six thousand meters which today are very damaged.

World famous geologists call this mine the best held secret of our planet. Some valued it as the biggest secret of mankind, because allegedly its' bowels allegedly hid the secret of the origin of the universe and the solar system!

Since 2004, the mine was registered as a monument of nature and part of the network of "Emerald" - a network for protection of natural rarities.

In "Alshar" were registered dozens of kinds of minerals. 7 of them were only found in Macedonia, and the most significant is considered - Lorandite.

Because of this, Macedonian experts were also involved in the experiment for replacing of fossil fuels to the production of environmentally clean energy.

These surveys are expected to show how to create the energy of the sun and that the base is creating a new powerful energy source, corresponding to that of the sun.

This means that it could produce the so-called "small suns", which would replace nuclear power plants, not radioactive. "Alshar" was also examined by the best universities in Prague, Vienna, Budapest and they found previously unknown minerals.

250,000 tons of ore contain 2% arsenic, 2.5% antimony and 0.1%, thallium making this mine the richest mine and the only habitat of thallium in the world, which can be used for space research and telecommunications technologies.

That's our unique and beautiful MACEDONIA!