Fish on reed roasted on grill is a typical Dojran specialty. Dojran is a small city in the south-eastern Macedonia and is situated by a lake called Dojran lake. So, it's logical that their most famous specialty is a fish right? :) Fish on reed is served as it's prepared, with reeds attached, combined with lemon slices.

  •     2 kg red fin fish (or kostrezh, grgech)
  •     150 g salt for salting
  •     oil 
For the filling
  •     6-7 head of onions
  •     1 bunch parsley
  •     1 tablespoon dried vegetables (Vegeta)
  •     10 g black pepper
  •     1 tablespoon salt
  1. Clean fish, add salt and leave aside.
  2. Finely chop onion and fry in a pan on heated oil. When the onion gets pink color, add finely-cut parsley, stir and add salt, black pepper and dried vegetables. 
  3. Fill fish with this mixture and coat with oil. 
  4. Reeds that are used for baking the fish should be previously soaked in water and drained. 
  5. Attach prepared reeds on one side of the fish and place on the grill to bake for half an hour. Once baked on one side, coat fish with oil, attach reeds on the other side and return to bake. 
  6. I suggest you visit Dojran and try this specialty there in some of their fish restaurants.