To prepare grilled cheese, you should select an older low-fat  sheep or goat cheese (it needs to be harder). Or you can use hard cheese. For those who don't eat dairy products, they can prepare tofu grilled cheese, pre-marinated in soy sauce.To prepare this great delicacy, all you need is a  high quality hard cheese and well cleaned barbecue.
  • 200 g white cheese (hard, sheep or goat cheese)
  • 10 g of olive oil 
  • oregano
  • black pepper 
  1. Cut cheese by length and with thickness around two fingers. 
  2. Pour olive oil and then add a little pepper and oregano. 
  3. Leave cheese on the grill to bake for 3 minutes on each side and you'll get delicious delicacy and perfect appetizer that you can serve with juicy tomatoes.