Some drink it for circulation, others for moving and heating their bodies and others just don't know how to prepare it. For those of you who have not dared to prepare warm rakija so far, there's an easy recipe that you must learn so you can prepare warmed brandy that will warm you on cold days.

  • grape brandy (lozova rakija)
  • sugar
  1. Put sugar in a coffee pot, half teaspoon for each glass and leave to warm up nicely and to caramelize.
  2. Then, put brandy with just a bit of water in the coffee pot and stir until it begins to boil and until caramelized sugar is dissolved.
  3. Pour in a glass and drink while it's warm.
This recipe will prevent pain in the head by the strong smell of brandy which will be mixed with the smell of burnt sugar that gives a special charm.

The warm brandy is best combined with sugar and it's recommended to combine only with grape brandy for the best taste.

Let the warm brandy keep you warm in the cold days! Cheers!