My dad has been preparing homemade sausages since I can remember. He is a guy who appreciates only homemade food and he's very careful especially when buying meat. We live in a time when antibiotics and hormones are injected in animals and all kinds of chemicals and preservatives are added to the meat and indeed, one should be really aware when buying meat. 
These sausages are one of the best, everyone that had the privilege to try them, experienced unrepeatable pleasure. My dad prepares them twice a year, once in spring and once in autumn when temperatures outside are mild. He picks the meat from a friend who is a butcher and he always gives him the best meat. The process of making sausages is not an easy one, but it's really worth it. This recipe is for 10 kg of meat.

  • 10 kg coarsely minced pork or mixed with beef
  • 1 kg of leeks or onions finely chopped or minced on a meat grinding machine
  • 50 g black pepper
  • 50 g bukovska (red) pepper mild or chill as desired
  • 5 finely chopped dried peppers
  • 200 g of salt
***beef casings for filling the sausages 


  1. First chop the leeks or onions. It's easier to put them in a meat grinding machine. Chop peppers.
  2. Grind  meat in a grinding machine and put in a large container.
  3. Mix meat with all the above ingredients.
  4. Here comes the filling stage. Many people fill sausages by themselves, but you need a filling machine for that. My dad gives the meat mixture to the butcher and he does the filling and we get the ready sausages the next day.
  5. When sausages are ready, leave them to dry for 24 hours.They need a windy place where temperature is not very high nor below 0. The balcony is a good place. 
  6. Fresh sausages can be stored in refrigerator up to 1 week. Then, store in the freezer.
  7. If you want to make old rural sausages, then don't grind meat,  but chop in small pieces, but for that you need quite a hassle and time :)
  8. Bake prepared sausages on grill. Baking time depends on the size of the sausages, usually homemade sausages are larger and need more time for baking, around 30 minutes.