You've eaten garlic and chewing gum doesn't help: Here's what you need to do to neutralize most of the garlic breath.

Although it is very healthy and tasty, many people avoid eating garlic, precisely because of its smell, which is especially felt after a few hours when it's metabolized. 

Maybe in the evening you have a meeting you forgot about, and chewing gum does not help. But there are some things that can help, so do not worry too much. It is a good idea to start drinking plenty of water right away to keep your mouth hydrated. I still wouldn't recommend going on a first date even if you've done all the steps from this article:)

Parsley. Finely chop the parsley and season with a little salt, olive oil and lemon juice or balsamic vinegar. You can also add arugula and fresh cucumber. It is important to eat as much fresh parsley as possible to neutralize the smell of garlic.

Carrots or celery. They can act as a substitute for brushing and cleaning the mouth of food debris, which can cause bad breath. Their real strength lies in stimulating saliva production. Saliva, in addition to containing enzymes and has the task of soaking food and starting its digestion, also has a function in cleansing the oral cavity.

Tea. In addition to helping with problems such as dry mouth, tea also has some other properties that improve breathing. For this purpose, green tea is especially good, which is an excellent antioxidant.

Apple. Apples contain oxidized polyphenols that help neutralize the odor produced by bacteria in your mouth. You can also combine the apples with the parsley: simply grate them and add finely chopped fresh parsley.

A recent study found that some enzymes in parsley help to neutralize garlic breath. Also, if you take garlic as a therapy to regulate high blood pressure or as a protection against colds, you can eat it without chewing, in combination with yogurt. Just swallow it like a pill.