OCTOBER 16, 2007 in a terrible still uncleared car accident at Nova Gradiska, Croatia, died the Macedonian nightingale Toše Proeski. He was 26 years old.
Tose Proeski was a famous Macedonian singer and one of the biggest stars on the Balkan music scene, where he was seen as a trademark of Macedonia. He was a Macedonian multi-genre singer, songwriter and actor. He was popular across the entire Balkan area and was considered as the best act of the local Macedonian music scene. He was called "Elvis Presley of the Balkans".

He made even the unattainable possible. Easy to reach. Everyone bowed before the legend. Numerous performances, awards, Grand Prix, Croatian Radical Festival, Serbia, Bosnia ... Blastically won the top lists, filled the concert halls with ease and, most importantly, reigned in the hearts of thousands of fans. Career unattainable for many! He went to the angels, but not in oblivion!

Even after all these years after the tragic deaths, the charismatic musician has not been forgotten, and thousands of people mourn for him as the first day. We will never forget him!