DATE ME! (benefits of eating dates)

I love dates, especially dried dates and I usually keep several packs in my fridge. I always carry dates with me when I go for a ride with my bicycle or when I go mountaineering. Dates don't naturally grow in Macedonia but doesn't mean we don't use them. Many desserts are prepared with dates, especially the healthy ones. I prefer eating them just as they are. So lately I also discovered the dates syrup, it was such a news to me, if you haven't tried it, you have to, it's so so beautiful. I even replaced honey with this syrup, it's that good.

Eating dates every morning on an empty stomach helps eliminate parasites, kill worms, and helps to strengthen the liver, which is one of the most beneficial foods for the body.  Researchers have proven that dry dates are rich in carbohydrates, fats, and materials that contain sugars, mineral salts and vitamins A, B1, B2 and C, and they contain a large proportion of iron, phosphorous, potassium, sulfur, manganese, copper, calcium, magnesium and chlorine.  

Also, many studies have shown that eating dates every morning on an empty stomach helps to preserve moisture in the eyes, makes them bright and shiny, protects the eyes from freezing, helps to strengthen vision, calm nerves, combat nervous anxiety, stimulate the thyroid gland, soften blood vessels, and help moisturize the intestine and clean liver and kidney dialysis.  

When it is soaked, it is used as a treatment for cough, bronchitis, and phlegm, and it works to balance the acidity of the blood, which leads to stones in the kidneys, gallbladder, gout, hemorrhoids, and increased blood pressure.  This is why it is advised to make sure to consistently eat dates every morning on an empty stomach, and not to be complacent.  

It helps with diuresis, liver cleansing and dialysis.  Dates calm nerves, relieve nervous anxiety, and fight indolence and sluggishness.

Dates increase the vitality of the brain.  Because it contains phosphorous, which increases sexual activity in turn.

  Dates activate the immune system.