The famous Macedonian movie director Milcho Manchevski won the award for Best Director at Raindance festival in London today.

Milcho Manchevski won the prestigious award for best director at the Raindance Film Festival in London, the largest independent film festival in the UK and one of the largest in the world, where his film "Willow" had its British premiere.

The jury led by Oscar winner Jeremy Irons awarded the prestigious awards in 8 categories, and "Willow" had nominations for best film and best director.

At today's ceremony, which was held online, Manchevski dedicated this award to the two British production legends, Simon Perry, who was most responsible for his first film "Before the Rain", and the late Nick Powell, who is behind "Willow". 

This is the third trophy "Willow" has won in two weeks, after last week's Spanish and American premieres were crowned with the prestigious Silver Palm in Valencia, Spain, and the Best Film Award at the Cinequest Film Festival in the United States.

The British premiere of "Willow" at the Raindance festival was on November 5 in the Women's View selection. The organizer of the festival stated out "Willow" as one of the hits of the program.