Delicious and quick cookies I made in no time while I waited for my friend to come over for coffee. For this recipe, you'll need tea roll biscuits, if you don't have them in your place, use other kind of tea biscuits.
  • 30 biscuits plum jam (or optional)
  • 100 ml of warm milk
  • 100 g dark chocolate for cooking
  • 100 ml liquid vegetable cream for cooking (hopla)
  • coconut flakes
  1. Stick the rolls with jam and then dip quickly in milk.
  2. Make the glaze by melting the chocolate together with the cooking cream.
  3. Dip one side of the cookies in chocolate and immediately dip in coconut flakes.
  4. Leave them in the fridge to glue nicely.
Note: You can prepare chocolate glaze the way you usually do, just be aware to make it liquid.