One of the most beautiful summer foods! I love everything that's combined with peppers - like a real Macedonian girl right? :) This dish is easy to prepare and light for your stomach, I used to fry them and this was my first attempt to bake peppers and I'm definitely switching to this.

  •     around 10 peppers
  •     350 g ricotta cheese (urda)
  •     1 egg
  •     a little olive oil for coating the pan and for the peppers

  1.     Wash and clean peppers from seeds (of course remove the handles).
  2.     Add 1 or more eggs to the cheese and mix. Add salt if necessary. My ricotta was unsalty so I had to add salt.
  3.     Fill peppers with this mixture and you can close peppers with pieces of tomatoes. I used tulumba syringe for filling the peppers easily.
  4.     Coat the baking pan with a little olive oil, arrange peppers and sprinkle a little oil above peppers.
  5.     Put to bake at maximum heat in the oven with fan turned on. When they get color, flip on the other side so they bake evenly. They need around 30 minutes to bake.
  6.    Combine with tomatoes.