1. How to choose juicy lemon and drain it to the maximum?

When you take the lemon in your hand, it should be firm and heavy for its size. The cr
ust should be light yellow, with no green spots.

The most prominent are lemons with a thin crust. As a rule, lemons with thick peel have less juice. Lemons with a smooth surface usually have a thin crust and are juicy. Skip the lemons with a distinct relief surface.
To maximize squeezing the juice of one lemon, first place the lemon on a flat surface, place your palm over it and, applying a little pressure, roll it back and forth several times. Then, drain it.

2. Hot to avoid sinking of fr
uit and fruit slices at the bottom of the cake?
When you do everything right according to the recipe, it's no fun in the end to get a cake or dessert with all sour cherries, peaches or strawberries at the bottom.

So that the fruit slices don't sink, before you put them in the dough, soak them in a little flour. When their surface is covered with a thin layer of flour, place them in the dough. Other variation is first to slightly bake bisc
uit, then add fruit.
 3. How to easily clean the burnt pan or pot?

A burnt pan or pot causes anxiety in any housewife. But there is a trick that can greatly relieve boring strenuous friction.

Sprinkle baking soda all over the bottom of the bowl and pour a little water to cover the bottom. Let it stand for a few hours. Cleaning will be much easier. Yo
u can also add vinegar to the baking soda and leave for 30 minutes, then start cleaning.
 4. How to measure honey more accurately?

It is very difficult to measure the exact amount of honey that a particular recipe requires because the honey is glued to the surface of the spoon or cup.

To solve this problem, coat the spoon or cup with some olive oil. This way, the honey will slip and you will be able to use the whole amount you measure.

You can also dip the spoon in hot water first, and then dip in honey.

5. How to easily write text on the cake?

Decorating a cake can be very difficult, especially if you need to write a message like "Happy Birthday" in interesting letters or if you want to draw a shape.

First, take a toothpick and write the words without much pressure. That way you can easily allocate letters so that they have the same distance between them, and then adjust where necessary. In the end it is much easier to just track the lines with the syringe.

6. What is the best way to break an egg?

When they break an egg, most people tap it on the edge of the plate. But in this case, the shell is broken up into small pieces and often a piece ends up in the egg (and it is not very easy to catch the small white shell).

To avoid this, when breaking an egg, gently tap it on a flat surface.

7. How to prevent darkening of peeled and sliced ​​potatoes?

If you are preparing a big lunch or dinner and you don't have time to peel and chop the potatoes just before cooking, you may do it so much earlier and still retain their light yellow color.

So that the potatoes don't darken, dip them in a bowl of cold water and place in a refrigerator. If the potatoes are completely submerged, there is no need to worry that they will darken.

8. How to easily to peel a clove of garlic?

Using a knife, cut the lower end of the clove. Place the flat part of a large knife on the clove and press down. The peel will be separated immediately and you can peel it without any problem.

9. How to remove the smell of garlic from the chopping board?
No, you shouldn't throw away the chopping board if it smells like garlic. Salt it with a pinch of salt, slice one lemon into 4 pieces and begin to rub the salt with piece of lemon over the surface of the kitchen board. From time to time squeeze a little lemon juice.

Let the board stand for several hours covered with lemon juice and salt, then wipe.

10. How is it the best to freeze fresh parsley or mint?

Chop the parsley (the way you want to use it) and place it in a plastic ice cream maker. Then fill it with some liquid from a soup cube and place in the freezer. When the cubes have been frozen, store them in a well-sealed bag to prevent odors. Frozen cubes like this will serve as a spice, soup or sauce.

Soak mint, instead of soup cube liquid in water and freeze. Frozen mint cubes can serve in cocktails or iced tea.