This year, May 5th is marked as a Day of the Macedonian language, with a decision passed by the Government at a session last month. The proclamation is in honor of the Decision of the Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Macedonia from 1945 for the adoption of the alphabet of the Macedonian language as an official letter and the legalization of the first spelling which standardized the Macedonian language.
Macedonian print letters
 The alphabet was created on May 3rd, 1945 and was proposed to the then Government. They accepted it and the alphabet became official on May 5th with publication in the newspaper "Nova Makedonija", because at that time, there was no Official Gazette where the state announces its decisions. The announcement on May 5th is considered an official document.
Official document from 1945
The process of creating the alphabet was long and wasn't easy. It was also described by Blaze Koneski. There were two commissions, according to some three which didn't agree all at once.
On August 2nd, 1944, the delegates of the First ASNOM session declared the Macedonian language official in the Macedonian state. On May 3rd, 1945, the Macedonian alphabet was adopted, and on June 7th the Macedonian spelling was adopted, which standardized the Macedonian language and became the language of the state - at that time the Democratic Federal Macedonia which was in communion with the other Yugoslav nations. Each one had its own state language, and the Macedonian rose to the level of the state language.
Macedonian handwritten letters
The first standardization was made by Krste Misirkov in 1903, but it didn't revive, except in his book, because there was no state to become a standard language, that is, the language of administration, education, science and culture in general. Standardization was made possible by the creation of the state, with ASNOM in 1944.