A tasty dessert that can serve as a cake or as a creamy cube. The mix of 3 compatible flavors - coconut, chocolate, hazelnut..will make an explosion of sensations in your mouth.

  •     1 liter of milk
  •     2 puddings of vanilla
  •     250 g of sugar
  •     250 g margarine (or butter)
  •     3 packs of vanilla sugar (30 g)
  •     1 cooking chocolate (100 g)
  •     100 g crushed hazelnuts or walnuts
  •     150 g of crushed biscuits
  •     100 g coconut
  •     600 g of biscuits
  •     2 packets whipped cream
  1. Boil the pudding in a liter of milk and 250 g of sugar. Mix constantly until it thickens and let it cool down.
  2. Wipe the butter with vanilla sugar until foamy, then add it to the cooled pudding. Divide the resulting mixture into three equal parts.
  3. In the first part put the melted chocolate and ground hazelnuts, in the second part add coconut, and in the third part add crushed biscuits.
  4. First make the base of biscuits, then add chocolate filling, then row of biscuits, then a grated biscuit filling, another raw of biscuits, then the coconut filling, finish with another raw of biscuits and finally decorate the whole cake with whipped cream.
  5. Place the cake in the refrigerator overnight to soften the biscuits.

I used a rectangular pan and arranged the biscuits 3 x 5, meaning 15 biscuits for one row, I spent a total of 60 biscuits for stacking.