The Rezha Macedonian (vezena) is a very unique heirloom pepper, having prominent tan lines all across the flesh called ‘corking’. This is a very old pepper grown in Macedonia for 100+ years, but relatively new to the rest of the world.

Drying rezha peppers

The pepper ripens from green to a brilliant red and are approximately 4″ – 7″ long.

The word “rezha” in Macedonian means “engraved.” Another local name, Vezeni Piperki, means “embroidered”. Both names refer to the curious lines on the skins of tapered peppers. The fruits, which range from mild to sometimes very hot, are to be seen hanging in great clusters, drying in Macedonian warm late autumn sun.

The skin texture is rough if these peppers are eaten fresh, but roasted they soften up. They have a fairly juicy flesh that isn’t crispy, but a little on the soft side.

Taste: Flavor is often very hot. The hotness can vary greatly with these peppers with some having almost no heat and some being quite hot.