Traditionally in Macedonia, every year we have a blueberry picking season which begins on August 5th and lasts till 20th September. Blueberries are picked on the higher parts of the mountains and since 2013, one needs a special permission to pick blueberries (it costs about 10$). I myself have picked blueberries once in 2007 (I think) and I picked 15 kg  myself :) It was an amazing experience. Every year, only from the part of Pelister (above Bitola), are being picked about 200 tones of natural blueberries.

Blueberries are natural, healthy and strong medicine. This natural gift should be consumed regularly, because it is a natural aspirin that relieves pain, dilutes the blood and prevents inflammation.

Blueberries are the secret elixir of youth and health.

Blueberries contain blue or purple pigments, which increase the level of vitamin C in the body, reduce the fragility of the capillaries, neutralize free radicals, prevent collagen destruction and protect the water and fat parts of the brain from damage. Scientists believe blueberries may slow down the process of memory loss over the years, and repair motor skills. They contain vitamin C, E, B2 and B3. Vitamin B3 promotes the function of the digestive system, contributes to the health of the skin, nerve cells, blood vessels and reduces harmful cholesterol (LDL) and triglycerides, and increases good cholesterol (HDL).

They also contain enzyme which activates the gene for burning fat. Bluberries also have high concentrations of magnesium, manganese and potassium.

Tea from blueberries treats diabetes
This tea is great for diabetics. It is made from dried peaks of young branches and blueberry flowers while there is still a resin on them. The branches are dried in a ventilated and dark place, and the process lasts for 15 days.
The fruits of dried blueberries retain all characteristics of fresh fruit if the drying process is properly performed, which means a constant temperature of 40 C degrees. Frozen blueberries are also good, and in order to preserve their properties, they mustn't be deep frozen. When so stored, they are healthy for consumption even in cakes and pies.