Marinating the meat guarantees delicious bites and enjoying the beautiful aromas. In the offer of many shops you can find mixtures of spices for pork and other types of meat. However, the marinade recipe is very simple. Counts only a few ingredients that you already have in your kitchen. Quick preparation with the selection of fresh and quality meat - that's all you need. Marinade for pork is an interesting way to preserve juice in meat. At the same time it creates additional tastes, using spices and a variety of vegetables.

Don't forget that each pork must contain an acidic ingredient (wine, beer, vinegar or lemon juice). Then the oil is followed, the choice is yours, you can use sunflower oil or olive oil. And in the end, it's the most important thing, aroma. First of all, it refers to spices and vegetables. Likewise, you can use different types of sauces (soy sauce, worcester sauce, etc.) to marinate pork.

Marinating pork

The amount of meat determines how much wine you will pour when preparing the marinade. If you prepare schnitzels, 50 - 60 ml would be enough, but for baking meat in one piece will be enough about 500 ml. Depending on the type of meat, use red or white wine.

The next ingredient, which will create the perfect, crispy crust during the roasting of meat, is oil (sunflower or olive oil). Be sure to use onion and garlic. Crushed garlic gives a much more intense taste than a tiny chopped onion.

And finally, spices are necessary. For this type of meat mostly used are rosemary, sage, dried oregano, cumin, chopped laurel and pepper. Salt and pepper to taste, mix everything well and marinade for pork is ready.

As a rule, the marinade must completely cover the meat (arrange it well). You can marinade pork in the bowl in which you made the marinade. There is another option, there are very practical plastic food bags (which are sealed hermetically). Pour the prepared pork and marinade into them, and close it well. After that, shake several times (for even distribution) and place in the refrigerator.

The pot or bag, it does not matter, make sure that there is enough space for the prepared meat. If you decide to bake the pork, marinate the meat in the baking tray in which it will be baked. Don't forget that you have to rotate the meat regularly during marination.

Time for marinating pork can be variable. Depending on the selected type of meat (between 2 - 12 hours). Marinate pork schnitzel for about an hour, at room temperature. Ribs are marinated in the fridge for one day. If you make cuts on meat, marination time increases, so that tastes can penetrate more easily (1 or 2 days). Marinade for pork will prevent drying out and will preserve all juices while cooking.