Planning of summer vacation can be stressful, especially when you're packing and you're constantly scared that you've forgotten something. Here I made you a list of some more and less important things you need to carry for your summer vacation.

 Necessary things
- documents (passport, identity card, driver's license, travel insurance)

- money, bank cards

- phone, camera, tablet or laptop

- charger for phone, camera, tablet or laptop

- headphones

For the beach

- suntan cream

- sunglasses

- beach bag

- swimsuit

- hat

- sandals

- a towel for the beach

- beach shorts


- shoes

- underwear (1 for each day)

- t-shirts (5-7), pants 1 pair, shorts (several pairs), (dresses), 1 pair of socks, 1 long sleeves blouse, fancier cloths for evening outs

- pajamas


- hygiene towel (hotel included)

- toothbrush, toothpaste and dent floss

- deodorant

- shower gel (hotel included)

- shampoo (hotel included)

- wet wipes

- ear cotton buds


- lens care (if you wear contact lenses like me)

- body milk

- face cream

- lip balm

- hair conditioner

- a razor blade or a depilatory

- lotion for removing makeup

- perfume

- make up

- a small mirror

- proper menstrual cycle care for women

The little stuff you would never remember, and you may need them

- medicine (analgetics, antipyretics, anti-alergy pills, probiotics, hydrogen 3%, alcohol, anti kinetosis drugs)

- toothpicks

- tablets and mosquito repellent

- cream against bite of insects

- anti burning cream

- acetone, nail polish and nail file

- band aid

- paper napkins

- hair clips and hair straighteners

- wadding

- hair brush

- hairdryer (hotel included)

- haircut

- bathrobe

- jewelry

For kids

- beach toys

- swimming equipment

- kids sun cream (30 spf at least) 

Don't forget to bring some water and juice, snacks or sandwiches for the trip, as well as a book or two.