Macedonians love to eat. We even sang about food in our old folk songs. We also loooove to sing about drinking wine and rakija, but I'll make a separate drinking songs list :)
Macedonian folk songs are part of the rich folklore heritage of our people.
Folk songs originate from the farthest past. Their author is unknown (anonymous), and preserved with oral transmission from knee to knee.
Macedonian folk songs began to be recorded in the middle of the nineteenth century, during the Revival.

1. Mirko Mitrevski - Sednav da veceram 

Sednav da veceram, mlado pile peceno - I sat down to dinner, a young roast chicken

2. Aleksandar Sarievski - Sedna baba da vecera
Sedna baba da vecera edna erebica - Grandma sat down to dinner, one partridge...

3.Filigrani - Ckembe corba

Ckembe corba, shirdence, i luta janija, vince polno bokalce - Chkembe stew, shirden (meat specialty) and hot janija (type of stew), full bowl of wine...

4.Jonce Hristovski - Koce berberot
Koce Koce ne jadi, rasol so meso, Koce ne jadi grav so pastrma, Koce jadi gaska pecena - Koce, Koce doesn't eat sauerkraut with meat, Koce doesn't eat beans with pastrma (dried and salty meat), Koce eats a roasted goose

5.Vaska Ilieva - Gjorgjija more terzija
Ti da mi mesis pogaca, bez sito brasno da sees, bez voda da ja zamesis, bez ogan da ja ispeces, bela pogaca da jadam - Knead me bread, sow flour without sieve, knead without water, bake without fire, white bread I'll eat