Do you believe in superstitions? I personally don't, I prefer mind over irrationality, but still, I know many people, including close people who are superstitious and that seems to be a very common thing among Macedonians.
Superstitions are as old as the very faith, known by old times, sometimes are more strongly expressed and sometimes less, strongly depending on people's faith, religion, education, intelligence, environment, experience etc.
Superstitions are the legacy of every civilizations and are inherited by the following generations. It was once believed that superstition could be rooted out with the spread of education. But these have continued to linger with the generations.

Whether you are superstitious or not, check this top 11 superstitions in Macedonia. I'm sure many of you are already familiar with some of them.

1. Do not throw away bread crumbs from the table sheet in the evening. The old say that crumbs can feed the bad forces which can enter the house.

2. If you leave the table uncleaned after dinner, again, you will invoke bad forces.

3. Don't leave your handbag on the floor, you won't keep any money! If the money is on the ground, they will soon be gone.

4. When a man dies, all the mirrors in the house need to be covered, because if you look at the dead man on the mirror, he will become a vampire (for God's sake).

5. If you are visiting someone, it's not nice to leave at home about midnight, because at midnight bad fairies come out. Leave before or after midnight, but not in the period of 5 minutes before or after 00:00. Got it?

6. If a dog is howling for a long time, it indicates the death of someone in the environment.

7. One of the most famous superstitions that we all know since we were kids is that, if someone breaks a mirror, a bad luck will follow him for 7 years. Why 7 years? Because the man that first created the mirror needed seven years to make it.

8. If you have accidentally poured a drink, then someone else from "the other world" was thirsty or needed a drink.

9. If your eye trembles, ask someone which eye is trembling, if he guesses, nothing bad will happen. If not, oh well...

10. Don't open an umbrella at home, it brings bad luck.

11. And the most famous superstition, if a black cat cuts your road, that brings accident. That's why you should go back and take another road instead.