Orthodox believers celebrate the great feast Archangel Michael on Tuesday, November 21st.
Archangel Michael is the leader of the heavenly armies and always appeared in the places where the Mother of God appeared, thus representing heavenly strength and protection of the earth.

In Greek, "arch" means chief, first, and "angelos" means messenger, angel. According to the church legends, the angel Michael first battled against the wicked spirits and on behalf of the church interpretations, that signifies "the one who is like God".
There are many folk beliefs about this angel: they say that he visits the sick and if he stops at their feet - it's not good, and if he's at the head - the sick will heal.
It is said that at this time Archangel wanders around the world dressed as a beggar to scoff the unbelievers and help those in distress, so on his day, you should not send away the poor and beggars from your door, because perhaps one of those beggars is Archangel Michael.
Archangel Michael, according to the beliefs, is a "living saint."A popular belief says that according to the weather conditions on this day, it can be determined what the year will be like. It is said: what the weather would be like on the Arangelovden, such will be during the whole winter and spring.

Today's day is a house feast of many Macedonian families.