Madzun, a concentrated grape juice, is a natural energy source which is rich in vitamins and minerals. It is obtained by thickening of squeezed grape juice. It contains natural sugar-glucose, which is immediately absorbed into the blood and then quickly in the body.

Grapes are a natural source of energy, a good laxative, thus, they’re toning the stomach and intestines and ease chronic cases of constipation. Grape juice is refreshing juice in patients with fever. It is also great for improving the immune system of children.

Grapes are rich in bioflavonoids, antioxidants that neutralize free radicals. They help the body fight cancer and heart disease. Therefore, it is recommended for the treatment of hepatitis, cirrhosis, depression, heart failure, anemia, strengthening immunity - the organism becomes resistant to diseases. Sufficient quantity of 30-50 ml of madzun is enough to maintenance immunity, and an amount of 100 ml for recovery and restoration of the organism.

  • 6 kg of black grapes (you’ll get about 1 kilogram of madzun)
  1. Crush and strain the grapes through several layers of gauze in a big pot.
  2. Boil the resulting juice on a medium heat until it obtains consistency of honey. Constantly collect the fluff from the surface of the juice using tea strainer. Be careful not to burn the juice.
  3. Once it’s well cooled, pour it into sterilized jars or bottles.
In the past, our grandparents did not have sugar in abundance as today. The poor suffered for a grain of sugar, they hid it from the children, locking it in the old cupboards. They gave to the children to try just a bit of sugar and a little more for holidays. Sweets and cakes were prepared with madzun. Modern science has proved this diet extremely healthy. Over the years it thickens and turns into pure grape.

Prepare your vintage madzun in late summer and consume it during the whole year..